SaaS - Software As A Service, Kick off

What is SaaS ?
It is a software delivery model in which software and data are centrally hosted and shared amongst multiple users.
The softwares can be consumed by thin clients, with the help browsers.

Benefits of SaaS over traditional web models
No setup cost
Easy deployment
Full time support availability
Pay as you use model
Flexible maintainability
Short time ROI ( Return on Investments)

How domestic market can be targeted with SaaS
Opportunities in local market for SaaS applications
Pricing and Support benefits
Growing IT infrastructure

How subscription based licensing is attracting more customers. ROI of SaaS
Subscription based business model is saving cost by pay-per-use model. Customers get flexibility to add/remove feature at run time by just changing the subscription. It is minimizing the downtime increasing ROI

SaaS = Consumers + Technology + Business
This is basically how SaaS evolved.
The days in 1970’s and now.
Training needs

Closomo (Cloud Social Media Mobility) 
How Social Media and mobile devices can be used in cloud environment.
How organizations are making use of Social Media platform for various purposes like Business pages, recruitment etc.
Case study of usage of Twitter for technical support
App stores offered by mobile companies

SaaS development factors
Factors to be considered while moving to SaaS platform - Understanding what to do and what not do
Data Migration
Data Security
Single Sign On
Different options for Identity management

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