Performing Inner Joins in LINQ

To start with I have created a database schema with 2 tables as;

  1. LeftTable

    2. RightTable

Added the sample data as;

If inner join is applied on these 2 tables the result set will return rows when there is at least one match in both the tables.

Using SQL syntax for inner join we get following results;

SELECT lefttable.lefttablefield1, lefttable.lefttablefield2, lefttable.lefttablefield3
FROM lefttable
INNER JOIN righttable
ON lefttable.lefttablefield1 = righttable.lefttablereferrence

I applied the join syntax which we are using in Dynamic Budgets in most of the cases and got the same result set;

var qry = from leftTable in instance.LeftTable
join rightTable in instance.RightTable on
new { a = leftTable.LeftTableField1 } equals
new { a = rightTable.LeftTablereferrence }
select leftTable;

Found result as;

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