How to use SQL metal to generate entity set

Let's start with database creation. Here I have created 2 tables as
       EmployeeID *
       DeptID (FK)

       DeptID *

Create a windows forms application using Visual studio ( I am using Visual Studio 2010). Let's say LINQSample.
Create a class to have entity set which we are going to generate through SQLMETAL command. I have created a class say LINQSample.cs.
Then create a sqlmetal command as;

cd "E:\MySamples\LINQSample\LINQSample"
sqlmetal /conn:"Integrated Security=SSPI;Persist Security Info=False;INITIAL CATALOG=MySampleDB;DATA SOURCE=(local)" 
/code:E:\MySamples\LINQSample\LINQSample\LINQSample.cs /sprocs /views /namespace:LINQSample

Here I have created project in above mentioned location with database name as MySampleDB. You can use any other names here.

Go to visual studio command prompt and run the above command. This will generate a class with database name. It consist of the entity set provided in database. It is a C# representation of the database where tables are mapped as individual classes which we can use in our code anywhere and perform database operations using c# code.

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  1. Very useful information.

    SQLMetal can use used for databases which contains few hundreds tables.

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