Setup your own source control system

How to setup your own SVN system on local machine?

  • Download and install tortoise SVN
  • Create a folder which will be used as a server folder say "F:/ServerData".
  • Right-click to this folder and select "create repository here"
  • This will create a server folder and will provide you the repository path e.g. file:///F:/ServerData
  • Create another folder which will be served as a client folder say "F:/SourceData"
  • Right-click to this newly created folder and select SVN-checkout option
  • Provide repository path obtained in previous step. This will create a repository folder structure with 3 sub-folders as branches, tags and trunk.
  • Now copy the source folder under trunk folder.
  • Right-click trunk , select TortoiseSVN -> Add. This will add your source code under source control.

All set and you are ready to use your own source control system to track your own progress.

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