Is this function overloading

Today I was just playing through visual studio with certain classes and functions. I started writing a class with functions overloading mechanism. I wrote down class as;

And its consumer as;

When I executed the above piece I got the output as 5 and 6. ( I have skipped the printing part).
So here I have overloaded AddNumbers with 2 different signature.

Then a question came in my mind as if the function signature is same just a slight change in it's access modifier, will that be a function overloading?
I modified the above 2 signatures as;

I was under impression that a slight change in function signature means it is a function overloading. After compiling the modified piece, I got an error saying function definition already exist.
So I concluded that, difference in access modifier does not matter. To overload a function either it's return type or arguments should differ.

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